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Top Five Business Card No-Nos

I’m truly amazed at the number of bad business cards that I come across. There’s no excuse for a poorly designed or printed business card these days. Or any day. No-No #1 Printing your own business cards on your home printer. We can tell. Really. Without a professionally designed and printed card, you’re putting yourContinue Reading

8 Must-Have Marketing Tools

1. Logo Can be an image or typographic Use consistently: same colors and proportions Put it on everything 2. Business cards Use the back Be aware of type size The simpler, the better List (one) phone, fax, address, email, web address 3. Digital Signature Name Company/logo (linked to site) Address, phone, fax Link to websiteContinue Reading

15 Fabulous Marketing Ideas

1.   Partner with others to offer an educational workshop. 2.   Create an e-newsletter with relevant, unique and valuable information. 3.   Ask for introductions. 4.   Bundle services; offer monthly packages. 5.   Start a brainstorming group with others in your field. 6.   Post video of your product or service on YouTube.Continue Reading