8 Must-Have Marketing Tools

1. Logo

  • Can be an image or typographic
  • Use consistently: same colors and proportions
  • Put it on everything

2. Business cards

  • Use the back
  • Be aware of type size
  • The simpler, the better
  • List (one) phone, fax, address, email, web address

3. Digital Signature

  • Name Company/logo (linked to site)
  • Address, phone, fax
  • Link to website
  • Link to latest project
  • Link to blog
  • Link to Facebook business page
  • Link to Twitter
  • Link to LinkedIn

4. Brochure or rack card

  • Focused on benefits you provide
  • Leave-behind or mailer Put testimonials in front of clients

5. Website

  • Active
  • Content rich
  • Get optimized

6. Elevator Speech

  • Be able to describe what you do in 30-60 seconds or less. Focus on stories of how you’ve helped others.

7. Social Media

  • Facebook business page
  • LinkedIn
  • Complete your profile
  • Update contact lists
  • Get a professional head shot
  • Be active

8. Notecards

  • A handwritten note is so rare, it’ll always grab attention.
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